Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This is the Tiramisu i make for my mum, love by all. I make it in a spring form. To ease my job, i think i will just do it in a Tupperware next time.

My family members fell in love with this "Pick Me Up" In fact this tiramisu is perfect in any occasion and can be eaten at any time.

Indulge yourself today.

What You Need
44-48 sponge fingers
cocoa powder / grated chocolate

180 ml water
180 ml milk
*60ml Bailey's Liquor (u can either use all120ml Baileys or Kahlua, up to you)
*60ml Kahlua Liquor
*50 ml rum (optional, but with rum it taste better)
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 Tablespoons melted chocolate

450g mascarpone cheese (I use Philadelphia Cream Cheese)
100g Sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
30 ml Bailey's Liquor

450 non diary whipping cream
100g Sugar

For the syrup:
Place all the ingredients into a measuring cup and warm 30 seconds in the MW. It doesn’t need to be hot, just warm.

For the cream:

1. Beat cream cheese with sugar , then add in vanilla and baileys
2. Beat whipping cream with sugar (until sugar is dissolved, make sure you don’t mix it too much as whip cream can turn to curds if over beaten)
3. Fold Whipped cream to cheese mixture

Assemble the cake

  1. Place the sponge finger at the bottom
  2. Sprinkle with syrup ( i use 2 tablespoon for each sponge finger)
  3. Dust with cocoa powder
  4. Layer with cream mixture
  5. Continue with sponge finger, syrup, cocoa powder
  6. For the final top, you can dust with cocoa powder or grated chocolate


yc said...

Hi Sukkimi,

I saw a similar recipe as you written before, just duno where to get the lady finger in Malaysia, any advice what we can substitute or where to get the lady finger?


Sukkimi said...

I got the Lady Fingers from local bakery shop near my house.
I think you could get them at "reputable" supermarket like the one at Pavillion (I saw they selling there), or cold storage. Or can try looking at Jusco (1 Utama or Mid Valley) They usually store them near pasta area.

You can actually replace Lady Fingers with normal sponge cake. But using lady fingers actually safe lot of time of baking :D

yc said...

Thanks for the update, I will try to look for it during this weekend.

duttway said...

hi there... i wonder where can i get the Bailey's Liquor and Kahlua Liquor? am interested to try this recipe hehe

Simonne said...

I got them at liquor shop from Jusco :D or if u have friend coming back from overseas , can ask them to get it for u at airport (cheaper)