Strawberry Cupcakes

Also baking Strawberry Cupcakes.. Still have a box left in the fridge. I'm using the same recipe as the orange cupcakes, just substitute the orange juice with strawberry puree

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Got some strawberries and want to make strawberries cupcakes with a different. Almost a Valentine Cupcakes. The slice of tiny piece on the cupcake batter make nice appearance. But the sourness of the strawberries juice did a little put off. Hubby suggest to drop the strawberries piece while MIL suggest to cut the strawberries into tiny pieces instead. I think MIL's idea is really good will try that on next baking.

This round of baking strawberries cupcakes, i did some changes. I got the recipe from "Cupcakes Doctor" and replace all strawberries puree with milk. An unusual cupcakes which added "vanilla instant pudding". For nice pink colour, i think i'll get a strawberries flavour gelatin next.

I truly find that Korean Strawberry are much sweeter, can easily get them at supermarket for arounf RM14 a box


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