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Tall and Creamy Cheesecake

My gal loves cheesecake and we usually order slice cheesecake whenever we are having our "yum cha" (tea time). I had this recipe pinned for ages but afraid to try it as the recipe called for 1 kg of cream cheese. The cost of cheese is not cheap here in Malaysia and "what if" my cheesecake fail . Finally ta da I managed to bake this cheesecake.   If you would like to try baking this cake , you can hop over here for the recipe See the top slighly browned than the picture show? Maybe is how i bake them. I did not bake on water bath. I bake as usual with the cake on the 3rd rack and tray of water at the 4th rack (most bottom rack).  One of the best baking books out there.

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