Chocolate Chips Muffin II

Ever since i tasted muffin from Chocolat n Spice (my dear sis bought for me all the way from S'pore located at Shunfu & Tangjong Pagar). I can't help thinking how this lovely muffin is done. They are moist and fluffy (even on the next 2 days). After some research on mushroom muffin from the net, here's the result. Finally my very own version of doomed muffin!

80g sugar
100ml milk
1 egg
40ml oil / melted butter

100g self raising flour

-I use muffin method, where wet ingredient are mix together (i uses whisk) I whisk the sugar and egg, follow by adding milk and oil
-Then i add in flour ( all at once) stir with metal spoon gently and until just combine. Do not over mix


Anonymous said…

your 'mushroom' muffins surely look very tempting!!! I would like to try out your recipe. Thank you for sharing.

Please may I know when you baked them, do you fill the batter to the brim of the cups or till 4/5 full?

Also, how did the batter looked like? Is it very watery like you can pour or is it the type you have to scoop into the cups?


Sukkimi said…

After some research from net, i found that to make "mushroom muffin" the batter has to be spoonable (not pourable). Hence, the recipe for this batter is spoonable.

I fill my batter to the full (100%) and place them in muffin pan. So when the muffin rise, the muffin pan support the overflow batter to form "mushroom side".

Vivien said…
Just baked this muffin today. Is the batter suppose to be lumpy or is it I forgot to sieve the flour?
Overall, it's very tasty. Thanks for the recipe.
Anonymous said…
hi Sukkimi,

Unfortunately I don't have muffin pans. I've been using individual moulds to bake so far.

Anyway, will try to do your recipe soon. No 'mushroom' effect never mind, so long as muffins are tempting & tasty. So far my attempts on muffins using other recipes have turned out dense, sometimes even hard & surface very dry.

Hope your recipe will give me confidence in making muffins again!

Sukkimi said…
I sieve my flour every time i bake, sometimes twice (depend on recipe)
Glad you like it.

The dense muffin could due to "over mixing" of batter. Often i did the mistake of over mixing when i first started to bake (especially muffin).

Often not all recipe from cookbook provide accurate details.So we learn something from every fails baking.

Let me know how yours turn out!
Anonymous said…
Hi Sukkimi,

I've tried this recipe of yours using those individual moulds I have. I'm very satisfied with the result. In fact, I've baked with your recipe a few times already as they were always requested by my family(they can finally have soft muffins to eat!)

Thank you very much!!!

Sukkimi said…
So happy that you n your family love it.

Anonymous said…
what is the calories?
Simonne said…
Calories hmm... Sorry i didnt calculate.. And i didnt know how
eplo said…
I'm a big fan of choc n spice muffins too but till date I've yet to bake anything near. So glad to find this recipe. Btw how does this taste as compared to choc's ones?

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