Peanut Butter Crispy Rice With Chocolate

This is what i bake for my mother for Mother's Day , and my sister also. It is actually peanut butter with crispy rice inside. My sister is begging for cornflake with dark chocolate and Cheesecake. Yippie! i have reason to bake now.

This is how it looks like inside

Here is the recipe :
100g butter
100g smooth peabut butter
60g icing sugar
60g crushed roasted peanut
90g crispy rice

150g chocolate
50g oil
100g crushed roasted peanut

-Mix (A) till well blended. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours to let it firm
-Shape the mixture in to 1" ball, refrigerate for another 1 hour
-Melt the chocolate with oitl
-Coat the peanut rice crispy balls with chocolate
-Then toss in the crushed peanut

Reference from "Joy of Making Cookies" by Alex Goh

I hope to make ice cream cake , cheese cake , cornflake with chocolate, orange cake.... so many things i wanna make.... gottto choose....
Hmmm.... one at a time ya. Till then , will post up more


Shirley said…
Hi hi,

This looks really easy... but jus to clarify, Mix (A) means the first portion of the recipe?

And real baking is involved rite? Coz i dun have an oven even though i like baking....
Sukkimi said…
Yupe, mix [A] means mixing the 1st portion of recipe.
No baking required.Just mixing and chilling the chocolate.
Have fun!


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