Strawberry Muffin

Bought some strawberry at 'pasar malam' 2 packet at RM5, A very good deal. The stawberry stay in the fridge for alomost a week. I decided to turn it into something everyone loves ~ Muffin!

After my success in my Orange muffin, i use the same recipe for the strawberry muffin. The only changes i made was i add 2 tbs of milk powder and omit the butter.

Here is the recipe

100g self raising flour
100g sugar
2 tbs milk powder
120ml strawberry juice ( i use fresh strawberry and blend it)
50ml oil
1 egg

  1. Mix the oil and the sugar
  2. Add the egg and mix well
  3. Add the strawberry juice
  4. Fold in the milk powder and self raising flour until just combined
  5. BAke at 160 degree for 20-30 minutes.
I did a mistake by adding chopped strawberry into the muffin batter. The result, muffin becomes watery due to the strawberry chunks!. Should have omit the strawberry chunks all together.

Get ready for your house to smell like a strawberry!!


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