1st time baking this Shokupan, but turn not success, As the middle uncooked.

nhumisd from Jo Deli pointed out that i must have bake the bread wrong temperature. She suggested 160 C would be better

Recipe :
250g Bread Flour
1 tsp yeast
5g salt
15g sugar
185g milk

Bake at 200 C for 30 minutes.


sweet-tooth said…
I saw your thread at Jo's Deli and Bakery forum and I think I'll try it out soon :D
Your bread looks good btw(:
Sukkimi said…
Thanks for dropping by.I read from internet shokupan bread is very soft and nice to eat, that's why i try to bake one but fails.. Maybe i need to buy a special loaf pan (the one with cover) or maybe didn't get the ingredients right. Anyway, i'm still learning on making bread.

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