Butter Cupcakes

recipe adapted from "Cupcakes! by Elinor Klivans"

I love baking this butter cupcakes- or not exactly a butter cupcake. It is indeed a basic Vanilla cupcakes which uses butter.

110g Butter
220g sugar

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp butter oil

137g flour
1tsp baking powder

125ml milk

1. Beat [A] for 2 minute
2. Add in egg , one at a time, follow by [C] and continue beat for 2 minute
3. Alternately add in [D] and [E], start and end with flour

*You might not need to use all the milk (eg : 100ml) depends on your batter consistency.
I added some butter oil and have no regret of buying it. The whole house smell great while the cake baking in oven


Anonymous said…
Hello there,

I tried this today but not sure why somehow some of the cupcakes is not properly cooked. Out of 9 only 2 turn out completely cooked. I wonder what is the right temperature for this recipe? I'm using 2 trays to bake this top and bottom as I'm using a mini owen.

Hope you can advise. Many thanks.
Sukkimi said…
Every oven has got different temperature. I use 175C most of the time.

I suggest u try baking one tray at a time see how it goes, as mini oven might not have enough "space" for the air to flow tru n evenly.
Me too, I'm using mini oven (Sanyo brand) the one can fit in 10"x10" tray / a whole chicken :P

I usually set my oven to :

* top & bottom
* bake in the middle rack (one tray at a time)

Hope yours turn out well this time

Anonymous said…
Hi Simonne,

It's me again. I tried another round today, set the temperature to 175C initially and baked for 20 mins but it was still not properly cooked. I then set the temp. to 200 and baked another 10 mins. It works this time. I'll try again for the 3rd time and really hope I can get it right this time.

Thanks for your tips. Your blog is always so tempting and I really admire you for being so generous to share your recipes. Keep it up!
Simonne said…
So happy ur baking has improved this time. You must be jumping with joy when ur cakes comes out success from the oven.
Practise makes perfect, as you bake more, you will find the twist and tweak.
Sharing is knowledge, is good to share my baking tips with reader :D
Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
Hi Simonne,

Happy that my 3rd time of baking this butter cupcakes really improved! This round, all fully cooked with nice aroma. The only imperfection was the outlook of the cupcakes which rather flat! Wonder what has gone wrong? 1st batch was overflown when I filled almost full to the paper cup, 2nd batch, i filled with 2/3 and it was still overflown. For the 3rd batch i only filled 1/2 cup and this round, it was totally flat! On top of that, some of them are not stick to the papercup. Can you help? I'm sorry to have bother you so much as I'm very new to the baking world and on top of that I'm not talented at all. I do not want to give up so easily and it's all thru the inspiration of your wonderful blog.

Hope you can give me some advise.

Simonne said…

Congrats your baking improved this time...
Flat ? Hmm.. did u add baking powder ? I normally fill my cup 80% full.
Anonymous said…

Yes, I added 1/2 tsp baking powder for the 3rd time as I'm using self-rising flour. Really not sure what has gone wrong.

Simonne said…
Really sorry dunno what gone wrong.
Anyway, keep trying and you will be happy with the result :D
Anonymous said…
May I know what kinda milk to use for baking butter cupcakes?
Simonne said…
I use full cream UHT milk, you can use the low fat milk or powder milk dilute with water

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