Chocolate Truffles, anyone ?

I finally join the making of "Chocolate Truffles".
Chocolate Truffles or homemade chocolate is not difficult to make. It is just messy!

Some chocolate i bought from Jusco (for my chocolate fillings)

Cashew Nut Truffles
As most recipe call for heavy cream and chocolate. I run out of heavy cream and the baking shop i usual went to already closed . I got no choice and found another nice recipe on the net.

Here you are :

3/4 cup cashew nut
3/4 cup milk
1lb Chocolate

1.Blend the cashew nut and milk in blender until creamy thick
2.Original ripe call for raw cashew, i used toasted cashew instead
3.Melt the chocolate
4.Fold teh cashew milk into the melted chocolate.
5.Chill in refrigerator until ready to shape (3 hours)
6.Decorate as desire

Homemade Chocolate Handmade Chocolate

Matcha Truffles

Green Tea Chocolate
Here's my very own version of homemade greentea chocolate :D

Note :

I think my Green Tea chocolate is not so green tea after all. Should add more Matcha next time.

Digestive Chocolate Truffles
100g Digestive Biscuits
50g Butter
50g Icing Sugar
175g Dark Chocolate

Mix everything together, chill in a fridge (for 5 minutes) or until easy to handle.
Coat and decorate as desired. Here are mine :


Anonymous said…

This is May May from KC. Can share your recipe & tips on the homemade chocolates? Have always wanted to learn to do it but never know how.


Sukkimi said…
May May,

Thanks for dropping by. The chocolate truffes recipe can be found in this page.So far i've only did

1. moulded chocolate ( uses only choc + nuts)

2.Digestive Truffles (digestive+ melted choc) can also use oreo or even cream cheese

3.Cashew Truffles (ground cashew nut+ milk+ melted choc).

Anonymous said…

Its May again. Just curious for your moulded chocolate did you temper the chocolate?

If yes, how did you do that?

Sukkimi said…

I did not temper the chocolate. I just melt them and pour into mould to chill in fridge.

Btw, i'm using "Colatta" brand. Was told by my bakery supplier that this is the same brand Secret Recipe using.

Just make sure there is no grease (even drop of water) in the choc mould, else the choc will not come off easily.
Anonymous said…
for the digestive biscuits, do you have to crush it to powdery form or juz crash it into very small sizes before adding to the rest of the ingredients?
thank you!
Sukkimi said…
I just use the rolling pin to crush the biscuit until all uniform in size.
Not near to powder though, still got some tiny bits which are perfect for bite, if you like.
Hope that helps

Anonymous said…
thanks lots!=)
Anonymous said…
Heey ,

For the GreenTea Chocolate, would you mind sending me the recipe for it?

Sukkimi said…
Green Tea Chocolate, I use white chocolate + matcha powder
1) Melt the white chocolate
2)Stir in matcha powder (sifted) into melted chocolate

I dun remember how many tsp of matcha i add, i just use rough guess on the colouring

Anonymous said…
Hi sukkimi,

i would like to know where do you buy the matcha powder? i can't find them or perhaps i overlooked.

and how about the shape of the green tea chocolate? how do you make the shape?

sorry, i am newbie.

Sukkimi said…
Hi Jes,
For Matcha Powder you can either get them at local bakery supplies store or supermarket (Japanese food corner).
The one sold at bakery supplies are usually more expensive eg 10g (RM5) but they are really good and concentrated,

The one sold at Supermarket, is not easy to find as not all supermarket carries "Matcha Powder", and u need them in concentrated. I only bought once and that was at Jusco Mid Valley.
The 2nd time i went there it was sold out.

When shaping the chocolate, i usually chill them a while in fridge until "soft".Then use ur hand to shape them. Or else you could pour the melted choc into choc mould and return to fridge to set.


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