Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

Recipe from "cupcakes!" by Elinor Klivans
...Fantasy meets reality here with this warm, soft , dark chocolate fudge cupcake

-This is a melt in your mouth chocolate cupcakes
-Very Chocolaty (uses 240g Dark Chocolate) and only 30g flour!

Here is my modified version (with reduced sugar)

What you Need
110g Butter
240g Dark Chocolate
2 eggs
100g sugar
1tsp vanilla
2 Tbs Flour

- Melt butter and chocolate
- Beat egg,sugar, vanilla
- Mix in melted chocolate
- Fold in flour
-Bake at preheated oven 175 C for 20 min.


Anonymous said…
Hi, sorry I can't find where you've written how long the muffins are to be baked. Thanks!
Sukkimi said…
Sorry i miss that out. I've edited my recipe.
Happy Trying!
gaL said…
how u do melt the chocolate and the butter together?

i just started baking. so kinda new here. :)

Sukkimi said…
U can either melt them in the microwave oven or using stove in double boiler method.
For chocolate , not to melt it under direct heat.


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