Egg Tarts

I always love "Thong Kee Egg Tart" for its flaky skin. So i finally get myself making this egg tart.I got the recipe from "100 Chinese Desserts by Winnie" by did some modification as i'm not using lard

1st Batch - Fails!

Just wanna share my 1st batch dough fails. The water dough is okay. But the oil dough just seem too much oil. I wonder could it be the shortening . (As i substitute lard with shortening). Anyway, i proceed with rolling the water dough and oil dough, covering oil with water dough. Until the oil dough breaks... the oil dough is runny... and came out giving me so much mess. I just disposed it.

2nd Batch

So i try again.I make no changes to the water dough. But for oil dough, i omit the margerine all together (simple b'coz i dun have anymore margerine, used up on my 1st batch) and reduce the shortening to 50g. Add more if you find your dough is dry. It is good to add the shortening a little at a time ( for oil dough) to find the right consistency.This round, oil dough is easier to handle. At least i can roll and shape it using rolling pin

Water Dough
120g Flour
1Tbs Custard POwder
2tsp peanut Butter
30g lard ( i use shortening)
5Tbs Water

Oil Dough
120g Flour
90g lard ( i omit this)
75g margerine (i use 45g shortening)

1. Mix and knead the water dough and oil dough separately until form soft dough.
2. Set water dough aside
3. Place Oil Dough in the fridge until firm
4. Roll out water dough into square and put oil dough on top. Wrap up oil dough
with water dough. (now the dough have 3 layers)
5. Use rolling pin and roll dough into rectangular, fold into 3 (left to centre, right
to centre)
(now the dough have 9 layers)
6. Repeat step (5)
(now the dough have 27 layers)

7. Finally roll the dough and fold into 4 parts (now the dough have 108 layers)

8. Dough is ready to use.

9. Shape the dough into egg tart mould, refrigerate (10 mins)

Or view a video demo here (not mine)


3 eggs (whisked with 2 tsp of custard powder)
90g sugar ( i use 70 g)
210ml boilling water
45ml evaporated milk

1. Cook sugar and water until sugar dissolve.
2. Remove from heat and let it cool.
3. Add egg mixture into the sugar.
4. Add in evaporated milk

Bake at 180 C for 15-20 min

Notes :
1. I bake mine at 220 C for 20 min. The egg tart raises so high, coz it contains so much air.When its cool, the egg tart sink back.
2. So i think its better to reduce the heat to 180 C for my next baking
3. For my next egg tart, i think i will try out "Pandan Egg Tart"


sweet-tooth said…
Your egg tarts look very cute!
I've been wanting to bake egg tarts but have been procrastinating for quite a while as new things keep popping up on my to-do list.
Sukkimi said…
Over here in KL, Thog Kee's Egg Tart is very famous for its "egg tart skin" the crispy skin.
The original recipe call for lard, which i can find it here. Is fun to make egg tart at least once.
Let me know when you do yours..!
Quinn said…
Hi Sukkimi,

Sent you an email.
Would really appreciate feedback
Thanks and have a lovely day!

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