Orange Pork Ribs

Char Siew

I found this recipe from Pork Ribs by Tang Phaik Cheng (Novum) and another recipe from Jo Deli (Gina's recipe) .The recipe from novum does not indicate how much orange juice i need for this cooking , only state 2 oranges. In fact, i find this books is great for ideas and inspiration, recipe wise so-so .

2 Tbs soya sauce
1/2 Tbs Dark soya sauce
1/2 Tbs Hua Tiao Wine
Cornflour for coating

3 Tbs Honey
70ml Orange Juice

Note :
I uses the sauce from Jo Deli and the sauce taste great.
Marinade wise, i think i will add oyster sauce next time.

Char Siew

I guess many people loves "Char Siew" and i'm one of them. I often order Char Siew Rice instead of Chicken Rice. The honey and BBQ sauce makes this a perfect dish. Oh yes and boneless too.

My mum share with me this recipe using "Lee Kum Kee- Char Siew Sauce"

It is so easy to make. Just marinade the char siew with 3 Tbs of sauce or just enough to cover the entire char siew. (do not tempted to use too much as it would taste salty)
Bake at 180 Celcius for 20 minutes each surface.
When almost done spread *honey on top and bake further for another minute or two.

Honey is a must here to gives the "Char Siew" shiny and glowy effects. Maltose can also be use or if you run out of honey, or simply sprinkle some sugar and further bake until sugar melts. If using sugar, omit honey. In my case, i used only honet


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