London Almond Cookies

London Almond Cookies

I think this is everyone favourite. I remember when i was young, i always beg my mum to buy this cookies.Often they are too sweet but i was too young to tell that. Now that i know how to bake them , i used dark chocolate.

224g Butter
120g Icing Sugar
1 egg Yolk
380g Flour
90g Ground Almond

-Cream butter and Icing sugar until creamy
-Add in egg yolk and beat until combine well
-Add flour mixture and knead into dough
-Roll into ball and place into paper cups, can wrap cookie with almond as you like
-Bake 175 C for 15 Min
-When cookies cooled, place a teaspoonful of chocolate
-Refrigerate until chocolate set (10 minutes)


hi awesome bakes. I have tagged you. Check it out.
Eunice said…
you've got some lovely cookies there! :D are you from malaysia btw? :D
AK said…
Wow, look Nice and yummy..need to think what to do next CNY.:)
Sukkimi said…
thanks precious moments and AK. Yeah gotto think of what to bake next CNY
Priscilla said…
Those look super! I am ready for one...:)
Sukkimi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sukkimi said…
Thanks for dropping. Yeap I'm from Malaysia

You can have as much you like..

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