Pandan Chiffon I

Wanted to bake pandan chiffon for a long time. Finally give it a try.. a not so success . As you would see there is a little wet in the cake.

3 egg Yolks
40g Sugar
75g Pandan Juice + Milk
2Tbs Oil
70g Flour

3 Egg Whites
50g Sugar


  1. To make egg yolk batter, combine egg yolks, oil, pandan juice, sugar in a mixing bowl.
  2. Fold in flour until form batter
  3. Beat egg white and cream of tartar (if using) until soft peaks.Add sugar gradually while beating. Beat until stiff
  4. Fold egg white into egg yolk mixture in 3 parts
  5. Pour into ungreased 18cm tube pan.
  6. Knock the cake gentle on table 3 times.(This is to distribute the air pocket evenly)
  7. Bake in preheated oven 175 C for 30 min.
  8. Remove from oven, invert the cake to cool completely.

- While most recipe call for coconut milk, i uses milk (powder milk + water) for healthier choice.
- My chiffon turn out a little wet .I think I didn't whisk the egg white until stiff


Emily said…
hi Sukkimi,
your pandan chiffon looks ok, even with the healthier ingredients :)
Sukkimi said…
Thanks Emily , somehow, i find the chiffon a little wet.. will try improve on next baking
carol said…
you use flour for the cake, is it plain flour
Sukkimi said…

For chiffon cake, it is best to use cake flour / low protein flour.
You may also use plain flour if you could not find cake flour.

Anonymous said…
Hi there, I would like to confirm 750g of pan juice and milk - Meaning 750g of Pandan Juice and 750 of milk respectively issit
Sukkimi said…
Is actually 75g total (milk + pandan juice) You can either :

-add in milk when blend the pandan leaves ( to extract the pandan juice) or
-uses all 75g milk . If using this method, pls use pandan essence (coconut pandan essence) to boast the aroma

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