The Body Shop Sales

Okay this has nothing to do with baking, but simply what i bought yesterday from The Body Shop. It was almost a last minute purchase, as the additional 10% discount for members only last for 3 days (16/05/08-18/05/08).

My recent visit to TBS was just before Mother's Day. And as usual they do not have any promotion nor sales during Mother's Day :(

Any Body Shop fans here? Pls share what you normally from there?


Joyce said…
I love their body butter!! I used to buy the lotion from them but since i tried the body butter, i'm totally in love with it!! :)

besides the body butter, i like the vit c time capsule and the toner. to me, these are the must buy thing from TBS!!
Hiyii, just discovered your blog and find it super duper cool!! Thanks for your sharing!!

Not so much for a baker but i love cooking and baking.... Keep it up!
Sukkimi said…
Micz a.k.a Michelle Law ,
Thanks for visiting, will sure to share more on my baking with readers :D

hey! cool blog :)
i usually get the Body Shop Body Butter, Vitamin C Eye Gel, Tea Tree Facial range. Their bronzer is also cool.
Anonymous said…
Hi there, i stumbled across this page whilst looking for pictures of body shop products for a college assignment. I am an ex employee of the body shop in the the uk. Mothers day is the second busiest time of the year for the all of their shops all over the world , this is why they don't really have that many promotions and sales as they want people to buy their full price products. They discontinued a lot of my favorite product but i don't mind as i love them all.
BT said…
Usually I love Origins more. I only purchased TBS X'mas gift set for friends. May be I should try their body care. I once received an oil and emulsion seperating TBS body lotion as my X'mas gift, bad impression since then.
Sukkimi said…
Yeah is true Mother's Day is the time they willing to pay full price for the item.

I think TBS shower range is not really kind to my skin. Coz I must admit i buy coz of the nice smell n that's all. Using their shower range once a while eg : travelling is okay but I would not use them daily.

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