Kuih Bangkit

recipe adapted from Florence

I follow Florence's recipe except that uses sago flour

30g margarine
55g icing sugar
1 egg yolk

225g sago flour

75ml – 90ml coconut milk

1. Beat [A] until pale n creamy
2. Shift in flour
3. Gradually add in coconut milk n knead until dough is form. Reserve coconut for later use
4. Cover the dough with damp cloth, take just enough dough at a time to shape
5. Bake at low heat 150C for 20 min. Initially i bake at 160 C , but my KB turn out as brown so i reduce it to 150C

See the left KB was slightly brown as was bake at 160, the right one look much better. Anyway every oven is different and you should experiment and find out the right temp to bake KB with your oven

*Make sure flour is fried at least one day advance
*The texture of the cookies, melt in your mouth

Pandan Variation
add 1 tsp pandan essence into egg mixture


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