Macadamia Choc Chunck Cookies

recipe from Cookbake Legacy

*I changed the choc chips into choc chunks! (I used chocolate Selborne)
*I uses rose flour + 1 tsp of emplex ( for extra crunchy taste)

This cookies taste absolute sinful! Even my DH gives a thumb up :D

*Although the cookies taste nice, the Bailey added does not give much aroma to
the cookies, I will be using 1 tsp vanilla essence next time.

*The cookies will taste better if you like "cruncy cookies" add 1 tsp of emplex to
the cookies


Amy said…
it looks so yummy!
Chawanmushi said…
Hi Simone
Your cookies look very good!
Simonne said…
Amy~ Thanks, they are really yummy.

Thanks Chawanmushi for sharing the recipe. I changed the chips to choc chunks so that the choc melt when u bite into cookies :D
These cookies make perfect treat for this CNY!!
Simonne said…
Hehe bought more macadamia nuts, hope to make another batch soon :P
Carrie said…

May I know what is emplex, and where can I get it from (in Singapore)?

Thank you!

Simonne said…
emplex is added to make the cookies more cruchy. You can find them at bakery supplies store.
I'm residing in KL, only knows there's one at Kallang, along Lion Hotel

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