Saturday, February 27, 2010

腊味饭 Waxed Duck And Pumpkin Rice

recipe from Precious Pea ,Waxed duck tips from At Home with Amy Beh 2

The 1st time i made this, i uses roast duck. The 2nd round I use waxed duck.Well , the aroma with the waxed duck is much stronger!

1 Tbs chopped shallot
1 Tbs chopped garlic
3 pcs shitake mushroom
100g pumpkin (diced)

1 1/2 cup rice (wash n drain)
2 cup water

dried shrimp (wash, drain , chopped)
1 chinese sausage

If using waxed duck, put the waxed duck into boiling water, add sugar and cook for 10 minutes. (This is to reduce the saltiness). Remove , drain

Heat 1 Tbs up oil and 1 Tbs sesame oil, saute garlic and shallot until fragrance. Add in mushroom, pumpkin and if using waxed duck (add in now). Then add in rice. Transfer everthing in the wok to rice cooker.

While waiting for the rice cooker to turn "cooked", Heat up the wok again, add in dried shrimp and chinese sausage, if using roast duck (add in now). Once the rice cooker click "cooked/ keep warm" pour all these into the rice cooker and let it shimmer for 5 minutes.

Stir gently as the pumpkin will mashed easily. Serve

If double the recipe, do not add too much water.
My 2nd attempt of double the recipe (3 cups rice n 4 cups water result in slightly wet rice)


Precious Pea said...

Looks good! I shall trying using waxed duck too.

babe_kl said...

adding pumpkin sounds like a good idea instead of the usual yam

Harish said...

Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, awaiting for more new post. Keep Blogging!

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