Longan Agar

My search for the smooth agar texture has ended. I finally got the right texture, firm but smooth in the mouth

Pudding Agar-agar

2 Litre water
3 tsp agar agar powder
300g sugar ( approx 1 1/2 cup)
10 pandan leaves

1 tin evaporated milk (I'm using Ideal Milk)

1. Bring everything to boil except evaporated milk.
2. Once boil, add in evaporated milk and let it boil for second time
3. Turn off flame, sieve and pour into container to set
4. Let it cool slightly at room temperature before chilling in fridge

If you are a durian lover you might wanna try

Durian Pudding
recipe modified from "Pretty Little agar-agar" by Amy Wong

80ml coconut milk (you may use evaporated milk)
150g durian

2 tsp agar-agar powder
850ml water
100g sugar

1. Blend the durian n milk. Set aside
2. Bring agar powder, water and sugar to boil
3. Add in durian puree
4. Let it boil again, sieve and pour into container

Note :
*I prefer Ideal Milk as the it gives richer milky taste compare to Carnation.

#1st Testing
4 tsp agar powder
2 litre water
300g sugar
1 tin evaporated milk

The texture is firm and smooth. My mil comment that the texture can better . So test again with 1 tsp of agar powder the next day

#2nd Testing
2 tsp agar powder
2 litre water
300g sugar
1 tin evaporated milk

This time the texture is gooey. When u shake the agar in the cup, it doesn't stay firm. It has 'tau hu fah' texture smooth and almost melt in your mouth. In fact is too soft. So the testing will go on tomorrow with 1.5 tsp of agar powder
The recipe is suitable for  cut out agar

**If you prefer richer pudding , you might wanna try this :

1.5 tsp agar powder
800ml water
120g sugar
1 tin evaporated milk (400g)


The Sudden Cook said…
Wow! You're back after so long. Great to read your post :D
Simonne said…
Sudden Cook,
Yeah have been silence for so long.Preggie n no mood to bake hehe..
TINTIN said…
Simonne : Good try & experiment .. :)
Your agar agar looks good !!
Simonne said…
Thanks Tintin,
Agar is really refreshing in hot weather like KL :D
Cook.Bake.Love said…
The texture is really smooth and silky.

I like the moulds very much. May I know where did you buy from?
Simonne said…
Yes the texture this time is smooth and silky, just what i want.

I got my mould from bakery supplies shop 'Bake Ideas' at Bandar Damai Perdana, Cheras

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