Mango Mousse Cake

Making this cake for Mother's Day . The recipe is same as Florence , I'm using Baking Mum's recipe (for my 9" spring pan)

Mango Mouse Cake

Sponge Cake recipe from Christine's Recipe

3 eggs
60g sugar
1tsp ovalette
1 Tbs water

30g cake flour
30g corn flour
1/2 tsp baking powder

45g oil

Mango Mousse
450g Mango Puree 
20g Gelatine powder
450g Whipping Cream (I use non-diary whipping)

Mango Mirror
125g water
9 g gelatin
100g mango puree

Method for making sponge cake :
1. Mix all in [A] except water until thick and creamy, then add in water.
2. Add in [B] (sifted)
3. Add in oil
4. Bake at preheated oven 180 C for 15 min

Note :
*the batter of the sponge cake is runny
**I m using 10" x 10" pan size

Method for making mango mousse :
1. Cut the mango and blend, measure to 450g
2. Dissolved the 20g gelatine powder with 60ml of water. Set a side
3. Whip the whipping cream until stiff.
4. Mix the gelatin to the mango puree
5. Take out some whipping cream from [3] to the mango puree
6. Fold the rest of whipping cream  until combine.


This is mango heavenly cake! Delicious ...I'm drooling over! :)
Simonne said…
Thanks i cant wait to try your new moist choc cake ><
Rita said…
I should try that some time!
Check out my baking blog:
Fan said…
I like this cake.Your blog is very interesting.
Simonne said…
Thanks Fan ^_^
Esther said…
Hi i have try many times of baking mousse cake but failed! Can u pls advise me? My cake ring is 5 inch & i use 4g of gelatin to double boil & dissolve with 12g water. When i mix with puree it becomes like grain. Is it because of the puree too cold? After mix the puree with gelatin, i mix the dissolve sugar+ water into the puree. It started becomes liquid. Then when i fold in whipping cream it totally was a liquid & not form. Can i know why? Appreciate very much of your reply. Thank you!
Simonne said…
For the gelatin,i normally add plain water(not hot) to dissolve it. I put the bowl of gelatin + water inside another bowl of hot water (yeah like double boil) stir until completely melt leave aside
When u add the gelatin into the whipping cream. It helps if you chill them in fridge a while (1 hour or less) then you take them out to pipe or decorate.
My mousse cake chill and set in fridge for at least 4 hours or overnight
Hope that helps
Esther said…
When u put puree+gelatin into whipping cream, does it becomes melt or still form? Ur steps are gelatin+ water -> puree -> whipping cream?
Thanks you very much!
Simonne said…
The whipping cream are whipped until stiff (able to hold little shape) It helps if you chill the beater + bowl (for about 30 min b4 whipping the cream)
When the puree+gelatin mix into the whipping cream. The texture is still soft. You need to chill it in the fridge again before attempt piping or decorating

Gelatin+ water --> puree --> whipping cream (already whipped until very stiff)

After mixing all chill again until able to form shape --pipe n decorate and chill overnight ^_^

This kind of "fresh cream" is very tasty (light) but it might be a bit messy and might not be stable (not able to stand heat) That's why it is mostly used as cake layering (inner cake)

For outer cake you might wanna try "Swiss Meringue Buttercream" which is more stable also "light" in taste

Hope my explanation help this time
Esther said…
Thank you for your kind explanation. ^_^ When u mix Gelatin+ water --> puree --> whipping cream, r u mix it all in room temperature?
Esther said…
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Simonne said…
Yes, I normally whipped the whipping cream 1st then keep chill in fridge n prepare the rest of ingredients
When the rest ingredients ready I took the whipped whipping cream out n mix them together


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