Yogurt Cheesecake

Have fall in love with cheesecake texture (melt in your mouth) it feels so good yet worry on hips expansion. I was excited when I saw greek yogurt sold at our local supermarket, quickly grab one without having the recipe in mind yet. Here is my Yogurt Cheesecake (2:1 cream cheese : yogurt), next I will try (1:1)


Yogurt Cheesecake

250g cream cheese
125g Greek Yogurt (I use Nestle bought from Jusco)
125g milk

5 Egg yolk

60g cake flour
20g corn flour

5 Egg whites
140g sugar

  1. Beat the cream cheese until soft. Add in the yogurt + milk and continue beat until combined. Add in egg yolk and mix until combined.
  2. Sieved in both flour and mix with spatula
  3. Beat the egg whites until foamy, add a pinch of cream of rat tar (if using), gradually add in sugar.
  4. Continue mixing the meringue until soft peak
  5. Fold into cream cheese mixture
  6. Bake in water bath @ 160C for 70-80min

Note :
  1. 1.Square pan 8" x 8" .(Love using square pan, easy cutting n distribution later) 
  2. The cake taste much lighter than usual Japanese Cheesecake, perhaps due to milk instead of whipping cream and the yogurt.
  3. You may use plain yogurt if you could not find greek yogurt, however do use a plain cloth to remove the excess moisture in yogurt before using . Measure the yogurt after removing the moisture (water). I have not try this method before, but read from other blogger they successfully done this.


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