Ma Lai Kou 馬拉糕

Ever since tried the Ma Lai Kou 馬拉糕 from Tim Ho Wan, the memories of the fluffy and melt in your mouth Ma Lai Kou still fresh in my mind. It seem the yeast play an important role here to makes the cake fluffy.

There are two main different method 
1) direct method, whisk the eggs and sugar (ribbon) stage, fold flour then oil - just like a sponge cake
2) another method is with the addition of yeast (I am using this method) for this post.

original recipe from Amy Beh, i follow the instruction from Kimmy
 & Food Maestro

150g Cake flour / HK Flour/ low protein flour
2Tbs Sugar
1 tsp instant yeast
75ml lukewarm water ( i increased to 100ml)

Method for starter
1. Mix all and let it fermented in fridge overnight (12 hours), i covered 
    with cling wrap. 
2. I made my starter at night and mix with main the following morning

I  add a little more water about 1/4 cup as i find very difficult to combine the dough

180g brown sugar
35g custard powder
35g bread flour / high protein flour
2Tbs Milk powder

5 eggs
150g oil (i use 100g)
2 tsp alkaline (optional)
(*egg mixture* mix and whisk the above)

1 1/2tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda

1. Remove the starter from fridge and mix with sugar
2. Then add in flour mixture. Use chopstick or if using mixer (use 
    dough hook)
3. Add in egg mixture gradually
4. Change to whisk, whisk in egg mixture until batter turn smooth
5. At this point, mine is a little lumpy so i sieve it 
6. You may steam at this point (add the baking soda + baking 
    powder) then proceed steaming 
7. Or you may wrap with cling n let it ferment again in fridge (24 
    hour) and bake the following day
8. Steam for 30 min 

1. I use 8" round pan for steaming. 
2. For the 2nd attempt, i let the batter (starter + main) proof for 12-18 hour. The texture of the cake taste even fluffier

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I actually dun like ma lai kou until recently ate one at one of the famous dim sum restaurant, nice. so next time will try to make myself :D
Simonne said…
Yes , should try it, i m sure you will like it. I did again today wth 2nd proofing (12 hours in fridge) the texture is even better

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