Pandan Ogura Cake

This Pandan Ogura Cake, the recipe i took from Mui Mui
Due to my small oven, the top of my cake crack very badly (so no picture of the whole cake). All my household enjoy the cake very much. 

Attempt #1
Bake @ 160C 15 min, 140C 45 min

I bake the same cake the following day. I suspect the top element in the oven causing the crack to the cake. So i covered the cake with aluminum foil while baking. The cake rose beautiful (no crack) but not completely cooked (haiz..)
Bake @ 160C 60min

Attempt #
The next time, I will bake at 160C 15 min then cover with aluminum foil


Lauren said…
Never had green cake before, but this looks really cool and sounds amazing, can't wait to try it! Please look at my blog and follow me :)


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