Zebra Cake

zig zag Zebra z z z

Zebra Cake
(adapted from Fabulous Cake Business by Alex Goh)

300g butter
170g sugar

50g flour

5 eggs
1tsp vanilla

270 flour
30g corn flour

1/2 Tbs chocolate emulco

1. Beat [A] for 3 min. Add in [B] mix
2. Add in [C] one by one. Fold in [D]
3. Use a mixer on slow speed mix until combine
4. Weight 250g plain batter and mix with [E] = chocolate batter

Assemble the cake
1. Pour plain batter on pan i using 8" round (3 Tbs) alternate with chocolate batter (3Tbs) until finished.
2. Bake at 175 C for 50 min


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