Taiwan Sponge Cake 古早味芝士蛋糕

So like everyone else i am eager to try the spongecake. But nope i didnt queue . They have similar shop at  neighbourhood area (Mahkota Cheras), which we manage to buy without queue. I think is goin at RM18 for the cheese flavour. Anyway we only bought the cheese flavour 2 times! Until family member suggest that i should try baking them. So here it goes. The picture looks decent right? It took me the 3rd attempt (hehehe).

The same recipe - 

1st attemp 6 eggs recipe bake in 10" way too shortie cake.
2nd attempt , run out of eggs so scale to 5 eggs recipe bake in 5 " round cake tin. Overflow but texture is there and slight undercooked. What to do-small tin all cramped inside, difficult to get even heat. 
Finally i use 9 eggs recipe for 10" square pan. Maybe i should double recipe for 10" square pan for even taller cake. Until next time.

Recipe owner from this link

75 Oil
90 Cake Flour
60 Milk (I use full cream milk)
6 Egg Yolk

6 Egg Whites
70 Sugar

(The picture above showing cake in 10" used above recipe x 1.5)


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