Dragon Fruit Cupcake

Bake this last night

I love to bake this as the red dragon fruit gives the natural pink glow to the cupcakes.
I'm using the same recipe as the Orange Cupcakes just substitute the same amount of orange juice with dragon fruit juice.

* Dragon fruit juice can be obtained by peeling the skin, and blend it in blender. No need to add water. It can also be drink as it own.


One Other ... said…
Hey there.
I ate this once, and I loved it.
Can you share with me the recipe?
Sukkimi said…
U can use my "orange cupcake" recipe. Just substitute the orange juice with dragon fruit juice


Hope you enjoy it
kium said…

I'm very curious about this recipe.
I'm wondering is it I have to cut the fruit into pieces, add water into blender to get the juice? Because I can't squeeze it like orange.Can you enlighten me?

Sukkimi said…
Hi Kium,
You just need to peel off the skin and blend it in blender.
Do not need to add water.

It is also nice to drink the dragon fruit juice, i normally add some ice cubes.

kium said…
I've left a comment at 'orange cupcake', maybe you have missed it, can you reply when you are free?
Thanks, Kium
I will definitely be trying these! They look delicious. I was thinking lemon buttercream? what did you use?
Anonymous said…
Am I putting the peel in the blender or the fruit?
The fruit has the flavor (but white) and the peel has the color. The cupcakes are pink so I'm thinking the peel goes in the blender, but I thought the peel was inedible.
Can someone please clarify?
Simonne said…
Actually there are white and red dragon fruits. I prefer the red as it gives vivid colour and taste sweeter (IMHO)
No no pls dun blend the peel :P
Hope you will find the red dragon fruit soon.

how many cupcakes does this recipe make
Simonne said…
Spencer, about 6 large size cupcakes

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