Orange Cupcakes

I have been baking so many batches of orange cupcakes ever since my succes in baking this cupcakes.This cupcakes uses 100% fresh orange juice - butter uses vegetable oil instead. They are moist and super easy to bake . The tedious job is to get a the orange juice out and orange grind. With my mini oven i have to make them batch by batch.. yeap a little time consuming. After 3 batch of baking this morning. Here's what i got . Enjoy!

And here i dress the orange cupcake with melted white chocolate an dessicated coconut, top with orange grind.

This is what i bake last night for my mum.

Orange Cupcakes with White chocolates and Coconut Dessicated

Here's the Recipe
100g self raising flour
100g sugar
1 egg
120ml orange juice
1 Tbs lemon juice
40ml oil

Whisk the egg and sugar for 2 minutes, continue with the rest of the ingredients (except flour).

Fold in flour with spatula.

Bake @ 175 Celcius for 20 min


Anonymous said…
Can share your Orange cupcake recipe? I love the smell of orange, lemon..
Sukkimi said…
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silky said…
hi,your cupcake's looks good! what oil should i use. i have canola oil..can i use it?
Sukkimi said…
You may use canola oil. That's what i'm using :D
Anonymous said…
Hi Sukkimi,
I had made these delicious cupcakes yesterday, they were so easy to prepare and yet yields good result.

Just to check with you whether the batter is suppose to be 'watery' and not the thick batter type?

Mine could not have high dome like yours, (I got the same colour and texture like the picture), did you use muffin pan? How to create the nice mushroom top like the one in the picture? Thanks.

Anonymous said…
p/s:My batter is watery so I can't pack it on the top.

Mdm Butter said…
Hello sukkimi,

Mine was flat too, wonder why?
Sukkimi said…

Wow you make it great!

Yupe the batter is suppose to be watery, as it contains high content of orange juice. In fact all the liquid of the batter are mainly from orange juice.

You can transfer the batter to a jar , so that you can easily pour the batter into muffin cup.

I didn't use muffin pan. I use those sillicon muffin cup / paper cup.
Oh i did fill up the batter to "almost full" leaving just 2mm ? So when they cooked, they will rise higher :D

Mdm butter,

Maybe you can try to spoon more batter to the muffin cup. I spoon the batter to almost full.
ling- said…
did u use the bottom heating element only or both the upper and bottom heating element of the oven? thanks (:
Simonne said…
I use top n bottom heat , place tray in the middle rack
Anonymous said…
Hi there,
Would you use a subtitute for self raising flour? Cos its surprisingly hard to find in my district.
Simonne said…
Sure you can use AP flour, but i would go for cake flour or minus 1Tbs of AP flour with cornflour, to gives a lighter cake texture. Remember to add about 1/2 tsp of baking powder and pinch of salt

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