Green Pea Cookies

Green Pea Cookies

The recipe for this cookies is the same as Peanut Cookies just replaced peanut with green peas instead. If you find the texture of the cookies is rough and grainy, you can try to remove the green pea shell.

Nowadays they start selling grounded green peas at bakery supplies shop, which makes baking easier.I've tried both method :

1) ready bought ground green peas
- the texture of the cookies is melt in your mouth as the store bought green peas are finely ground; which can't be done with home machine, at least not with mine.
-One draws back is, the ready make was pack at 1kg

2) make my own ground green peas.
- I remove the hard shell of the green peas before ground it.
- The 1st time i
make this cookies, i didn't remove the shell.The cookies becomes grainy and hard when you eat
- MIL comments that this cookies has a better aroma than store bought.

Whichever method you use, try out and see which one you like better.


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