Ginger Milk Curd (Chinese: 薑汁撞奶)

One of my DH 's relatives asking for this recipe during our recent trip to a wedding dinner. In fact, I have only succeed this recipe once and was too happy at that time to note down the ingredient and method used. This page is specially created for "Fan Lui". Her enthusiasm to make this dessert has enlighten me to research for the best recipe and method in making this dessert success.

What You Need

1 Tbs/ 15ml old ginger juice (grated and sieved)
150ml milk (UHT / Full Cream milk) , if possible with at least 3.8 protein
1 Tbs sugar

1. Heat up the milk in saucepan until side bubbles.
2. Add in sugar.
3. Continue heating the milk by turning the saucepan until sugar melts.
4. Keep turning turning the saucepan, until reach almost boil.
5. Turn off stove
6. To reduce milk temperature
80-85 C, keep turning the saucepan left and right until flame almost disappeared (1-2 mins)
7. Stir the ginger juice in bowl. Pour the milk into the ginger juice bowl with 10-15 cm apart vertically
8.Leave for about 10 min until a soft curd has formed.
9.To test the milk coagulates or not, leave a spoon lightly on the surface, the spoon should not sink!
10.Serve hot or chill. Enjoy!

Notes :
Milk Factor
1) The science behind this recipe is the enzymes in the (fresh) matured ginger juice + milk (protein) = milk coagulates

2) Therefore, is important to use the milk with higher protein content (eg 3.8 for every 100ml

3) I have not use soy milk for this recipe. But for those who wanna try using soy milk, pls look for protein content of the soy milk (eg : Home Soy has higher protein content than other brand)

Ginger Juice

1) Make sure to use matured ginger (sieved the juice)
2) Stir the ginger juice well (including the white powder) before pouring the milk into bowl.

Useful sites
Here are some useful site on "Ginger Steamed Milk"
The Food Addiction of Cookie Monster
Belle Tong Sui
A Daily Obsession (this one uses egg)
Ginger Milk Curd (investigation pdf)

Video on Ginger Milk


Siukwan said…
Hi Sukkimi, thanks for your visiting.

To make ginger milk curd with buffalo milk is the best because it's more thick in texture, condensed easily and good taste!

It's no need to cover it, don't move the bowl and keep still about 1-2 mins, it will be condensed well! Yummy!!!

I love cooking, too!

Sukkimi said…
Thanks Siukwan!
Buffalo milk ? I'm not we have it here in KL. Will try sourcing for it and try out!
Anna said…
wah! this blog really help me a lot on preparing desserts.. thnkx
Favbabe said…
hi there. i stumbled upon your blog while searching for some recipe. Tried this recipe and it turns out GREAT! The texture of the milk is simply soft ...better than taufufah! Thanks for the tips and also references as I learned a lot from the links you provided! Btw, one question....can i reduce the amount of ginger juice and remain the amount of milk? My husband does not like the strong taste and i really want him to try this dessert as it's so nutritious..
Sukkimi said…
I'm glad you like this dessert and happy for your success in making it.

I've not tried reducing the amount of ginger. Perhaps you can try reducing eg 1/2 Tbs ginger juice?

Let me know the how it turns out with the reduced ginger juice.

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My Taste Heaven said…
You know what, I heard about this name for long but never had the courage to try. Anyway, next time I make sure I would try this.
Sukkimi said…
My Taste Heaven,
That's one of the reason I'm made this dessert.. Can turn them into strawberry and chocolate flavour too. Using Choc / Straw Milk :D
Hope u like it.
ChezzyHeart said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ai @ MaRecipes said…
This milk pudding is really good! I always make this for my mum.
Simonne said…
Thanks Ai, your post on Ginger milk pudding is really detailed!

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