Rick Kat's Brownies

After baking Katherine Hepburn Brownies by Dorie Greenspan. She did not disappoint me instead this brownies gives me so much surprises (good one of course!). This time, I'm baking another brownies from the same book .

by Dorie Greenspan

230g unsalted butter
60g dark chocolate

110g flour
1 tsp salt

110g sugar
1tsp vanilla essence

220g sugar
4 eggs

60g extra dark chocolate or you may use chocolate chips

1. Whisk the flour ans salt, set aside
2. Melt the butter n chocolate, stir in sugar and vanilla
3. Beat the sugar and egg until combine, pour 1/2 of the sugar and egg mixture into the cool, melted chocolate, in a steady stream,
continue stiring.
4. Continue beat the remaining 1/2 sugar + egg mixture for 3 minutes
at medium speed or until double in volume.
5. Fold the sugar egg mixture to the melted chocolate
6. Finally fold in the flour and extra chocolate
7. Bake at preheated 175 C for 25 min.

This brownies is rather light, non fudgey or chewy. It taste more like a chocolate cake than a brownies. But all my tester love it and finish them by tea time :P


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