Mango Cake

After the first mango cake last year, I make the cake again today. This time i use frozen mango puree from France, the brand is Phontier. not sure whether this is a good brand or not but 90% mango and 10% sugar sounds pretty alright to me.

I use the same recipe hereThe natural taste in fresh mango is very mild and almost (mild) when comes to cake. It is best to use canned mango (if you could get one). I couldnt find canned mango in my area and is happy with this frozen mango puree. Next I should try the frozen strawberry puree while the Korean strawberries still in season. The taste of this cake can be enchance with mango yogurt and bites size of mango . The cake taste just nice tangy mango without overwhelming sweet. At the point of updating this blog, there is only 4 slice left in fridge ^_^


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