Moist Chocolate Cake (new)

I know i know is  moist chocolate cake (again) but but this is different. In fact this is my 2nd attempt. The first time i bake them was disastrous (the look and appearance of course) but the taste is awfully good - so moist so melt in your mouth, so effortless, you just gotto try this the recipe is from Love 2 Cook  . By the way, the first time i baked them was finish the 2nd day, all in the tummy of my 3 year old son n me @_@. This time i top them with some chocolate ganache.

recipe modified from Love 2 Cook

180g butter
150g sugar

2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla

100g cake flour
50g cocoa powder
2 sachet of nescafe
(mix above and sieve)

125ml milk
1Tbs condensed milk
plain water
(mix the above all to get 200ml)

1. Preheat Oven 150C
2. Mix [A] for 3 minute add in [B]mix,
3. Add in flour mixture alternate with milk
4. Pour into 8" round pan and bake for 30 min or until cook

[D] the original recipe call for 200ml evaporated milk, you may use milk
Pan size - 8" square pan

Chocolate Ganache
(1:1 ratio)
200g whipping cream
200g dark chocolate (i use Barry Callebaut this time)

Method for chocolate ganache
1.You may either boil the cream and pour over on chocolate or double
   boil both until chocolate melted.
2.Once chocolate has melted, let it cool down at room temp for about
   5-7 minute
3.Then pour the ganache over the cake and set in fridge for about an
   hour . Slice and serve


Venisri Senthan said…
Hello Simonne...gotcha!!! :D

Thank you so much for liking the cake...looks delish!!! ☺
Simonne said…
Love, thanks for the recipe again!
noriz said…
hi Simonne,

greeting from me..

This recipe like delicious and attractive...

I interested to try this recipe..tq so much for sharing this recipe..

keep in touch...
Simonne said…
Noriz, i m sure you will love this cake too!

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