Pandan Steamed Cake

I have always thought of baking steamed cake but didn't manage to find a proper recipe as most recipe books focus on modern cakes and muffins. While most recipe call for only 3 ingredients (Flour, Eggs and sugar)or sometimes include a Tbs of oil / melted butter. I Finally found one here which uses liquid as well. I substitute the liquid she used with pandan juice.

My 1st Attempt

-Used wrong size pan. I used 9" pan for 2 eggs recipe. So if you're making 2 eggs recipe use smaller pan / small cake.

Ugly Surface
While this is the heavy/ uncooked bottom steamed cake. Look at the surface full of pimples :P (so ugly ....)

2nd Attempt
The outlook of the cake getting better now. I steamed them in cupcakes sizes, so the cooking time is shorten.

Here's the modification of my Pandan Steamed Cake. Or you might like to try Dragon Fruit Steamed Cake


2 eggs
100g sugar

1tsp ovalette
1tsp pandan essence

150g flour
100-120ml pandan juice

Beat [A] , add in [B] and continue beat until "creamy stiff". When you lift the mixer, the egg mixture should not fall
Fold in flour and pandan juice Alternately
Steamed high for 15 min

If using coconut milk, use diluted coconut milk . Otherwise the cake will be fluffy but a little dense


carol said…
hi Sukkimi,

i like steam cake also, btw, what is ovalette, where can i find this ?
Sukkimi said…
Hi Carol,

Ovalette is a stabiliser used in baking sponge cakes. It helps the eggs to rise rapidly and stiffly. As it is acidic it also helps the beaten eggs to remain stable and not lose the airy and voluminous texture. It makes sponge cake softer and smoother. [explanation from Diana Dessert Forum ]

Can be found at bakery supplier shop
Reine said…
can ovalette be omitted? and where can you find pandan juice?
hello said…
which type of flour did you use? self-raising or all purpose?

thanks! :D
Sukkimi said…

The Ovalette is use to stabilised the egg batter. As the egg will be whisk for a long time.

Pandan juice can be obtained by blending the pandan leaves with water. Then sieve juice.

I'm using all purpose flour.

Reine said…
my cupcake was a failure! unlike yours which looks soft and fluffy, mine was very hard and tasted funny. D: where did i go wrong?

btw i used brown sugar.
Sukkimi said…

Sorry to hear that. If your egg and sugar are beat at right consistency (when you lift up the mixer, the batter should be thick and not easily fall), then i suspect it might due to the flour.

When adding the flour, You might want to sift and add the flour at the same time. Adding little at a time and using "spatula" to fold it, very gently.
By using spatula can prevent minimum air pocket to escape.

When steam the cake, make sure you steam them in a heavy boiling water. I usually steam them for 10 minutes or test with toothpick.

Hope you got it right this time

Happy Baking!
Anonymous said…
Hi Sukkimi, how many pandan leaves and how much water you used to make pandan leave?
How long do you whip the eggs and sugar such that you do not over whip it?
Do you boil the water beforehand? If yes, how long do you boil the water before steaming the cake?
Simonne said…
I think use about 8-10 pcs of pandan leaves to make the pandan juice

I think i whip the egg and sugar for about 10 minute using hand held electric mixer. If you mixer is higher watt, hence you might not need to whip it that long.

Egg and sugar should be whip until ribbon stage where the batter flow down slow and thick

I uses wok to steam the cake. Hence the water in the wok in boiling stage when i place the cake

Happy Baking!

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