Almond Cookies

Almond Cookies
recipe from "Baking frm my home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan"

182g Ground Almond
182g Flour
224g Butter
70g Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
1/2 tsp Almond Essence

- Mix Ground almond and flour
- Beat Butter and sugar at medium speed for 3-4 minutes
- Add in vanilla and almond essence, beat for another minute
- Add in flour mixture and knead to dough
- Roll into small ball and bake 175 C for 10-15 min.

Note :
I bake this as "London Almond Cookies" as well. Taste really great with melted chocolate!

London Almond Cookies
I think this is everyone favourite. I remember when i was young, i always beg my mum to buy this cookies.Often they are too sweet but i was too young to tell that. Now that i know how to bake them , i used dark chocolate.

224g Butter
120g Icing Sugar
1 egg Yolk
380g Flour
90g Ground Almond

-Cream butter and Icing sugar until creamy
-Add in egg yolk and beat until combine well
-Add flour mixture and knead into dough
-Roll into ball and place into paper cups, can wrap cookie with almond as you like
-Bake 175 C for 15 Min
-When cookies cooled, place a teaspoonful of chocolate
-Refrigerate until chocolate set (10 minutes)

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nice blog was worth stopping by
Sukkimi said…
anamika, Thanks i've been busy baking cookies lately to distribute for relatives!

But my humble creation is nothing compare to your sugar craft! Yours are simply awesome!
st said…
Wow! Isabel is going to bug me for CNY cookies...
st said…
I will try to make them. Will let you know the result.
Sukkimi said…
st, Happy Baking!
beginner said…
hello sukkimi..i tried making these london almonds.but i have a problem with the cooking chocolate.after melting them, when hardened, they don't look glossy like yours.they are dull and have greyinsh swirl on the surface..any advice?thanks
Sukkimi said…

The melted choc is very sensitve to liquid. Make sure not even a single drop of water gets into the melted choc.

If the choc get harden before you finish coating all of the cookies, simply return the choc to the stove to melt them again.

Hope it helps
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your advice. No wonder my chocolate become so thick is because I boiled it wrongly. Will try again next time =)
Anonymous said…
your ingredient list is not even complete. where is the quantity of chocolate needed for this amount of flour yield?

Simonne said…
I am sorry but I really dun remember the amount of chocolate use.

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